Does your boyfriend still love your ex ?! You don’t have to think about it yourself, let’s look at 8 signs that say He still can’t forget his ex! For a married life, the word ‘ex’ is actually a forbidden word. Even after breaking up But don’t mention it There is a fight and a house will surely break. And the more ex-girlfriend who became friends The more and more suspicious each other. Anyone who is afraid that the old fire will come out, let’s look at 8 signs that he still loves his ex or not, hurry up so that you can find a way to cut the lights but the wind!

1. Look at the like behavior.

Acceptable: Your boyfriend likes the status of your ex who complained about her new job.

Found like this, it is still acceptable. Because there are still many couples who have broken up and are still good friends. Waiting for advice Like this kind of status is quite common.

Can’t get it hard: your boyfriend likes a lot of the photos you took with your ex!

Either with drunkenness or loneliness Found like this, go in and tell me that it’s not okay! Because like this, it implies that he still misses his ex.

2. Where did he go with his ex ?!

Acceptable: They sometimes go for coffee together. Plus go with other friends

This one is considered a good thing for some ex-girlfriend. Because that is considered the two of them can still be good friends for each other. Without thinking too much of each other

Unacceptable: They secretly go to dinner alone in the late evening at night!

If your boyfriend still behaves like this Plus hiding from you to know Showing that he still has a bond with that girl of course Otherwise, I have to let you know!

3. Send messages frequently

Acceptable: He texts her on occasion, such as her birthday, new year.

Happened to find a message like this in his mobile phone, it is still enough to accept it If the message doesn’t invite you to think a little too much

Unacceptable: He often sends her messages to tell her the story of his life.

But if you come across a message like this Plus the stories he told you You, too, haven’t even known it before. That means he wants to share with his ex more than you. Well, it’s clear!

4. There are couple pictures that I just took together.

Acceptable: He has an old picture of her on his phone.

If the picture you find is so old that you have to scroll up and see it most of the time. Think positively that perhaps he has forgotten that he has or is too lazy to delete it.

Unacceptable: He has a pair of pictures with her. Plus it’s a photo I took recently!

When you meet like this, anyone will be overwhelmed. Because it is a picture that he took and did not know at any time Sneak to meet without telling you clearly!

5. When asked about his ex, was freaking out.

Acceptable: He laughs hilariously. When you ask him if he still loves his ex or not.

If he laughs like this It shows that he thinks what you ask is ridiculous and that you are thinking too much.

Unacceptable: He was freaking out and extremely protective of his ex.

A signal like this is sure anyway. That he doesn’t want you to talk about his ex in a bad way and in a freak like this, something is hiding

6.Tell your ex a lot about your ex Even though I didn’t ask

Acceptable: He tells you the story of your ex. When you ask

If he can tell you about his past in a normal way. Completely revealed There is nothing to hide. That is a very good thing anyway.

Unacceptable: He tells you the story of his girlfriend. Without you asking a little!

If he suddenly talks about her to you like this What do you think? Besides, he still thinks of you all the time. Until having to vent for someone to hear But accidentally vented the wrong person a little, right ?!

7. Found a message that ex-girlfriend secretly sent him.

Acceptable: You see the messages your ex sent Happy Bird Day to him.

If you still see a message like this in their inbox It is also considered good that he did not consider deleting or hiding the message from you.

Unacceptable: You accidentally see a secret message from your ex that he hid all of them.

Oui found it like this, it’s even more obvious. That he still communicates with his ex, not as a friend for sure. Otherwise, why do you have to hide?

8. He secretly met his ex!

Acceptable: He tells you he had a date with your ex today.

If he tells you this, then he has nothing to hide or hide anything from you.

Unacceptable: He secretly met his ex when you were away.

There is no secret in the world. And even if you already know the truth from other people It hurts so much anyway.

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