Love it or get lost? 7 things I say I love this time is true, not just ‘lost’

Eh, do we love him or fall in love with him? Who is still confused Not sure if this love we really love. Or just lost him Today we have a checklist for women. Have you checked how you feel, is it love or lost ?! Believe that many People may still be unsure of their feelings, because feelings of love and passion have to say that they are quite similar, but for sure, we believe that feelings of love are more special than being lost. If you want to be clear with love this time, let’s see if you love or fall in love!

1. I want to talk to him all night. Listen to each other’s opinion

If it is a delusion Maybe you want to talk on the phone all night, it’s true. But the topic of the conversation can be funny That makes talking and laughing all the time when talking But on the other hand, when it’s love, you want to talk. I want to hear each other’s opinions without being bored. You can listen to what he thinks. What he wants to say I want to drain all night without feeling sleepy. Or is that you are ready to learn Listen to his identity Ready to get to know each other better enough

2. I want to see his face the last person before going to bed. And wanted to see his face first when awake

Even saying that love is when you want to see his face the last person before bed. And want to see his face first when waking up But that is not just about physical relationships. But it’s the feeling that you want to be the one to say good night before you sleep. And I want to be the one who makes breakfast for him every morning when I wake up! If you think you are extremely happy To see his face as the last person before going to bed And woke up to eat breakfast together It’s love anyway.

3. I can’t stop thinking about him!

Of course, the symptoms miss him all the time. What will you do? I miss him all. Can be considered as a delusion as well But if it’s from a love perspective What you think of them will be things that you do together. Speaking of that together, it is definitely not a sleepwalk, but his handsome face!

4. I want to know every corner of him.

If you really love that person, you will definitely not want to know or be fascinated with his outer shell. You will want to get to know his life from every angle, be it about friends. Family matters And tell me that the story of his family will be what you think. Including wanting to step into getting to know and building a good relationship with his family

5. Get what he really is.

As we all know Nobody is going to be perfect for everything. If this is an infatuation, you might expect him to be what you think. But if it’s love Even if he has some things that are not perfect There is something different that you would like it to be. But you can take that without limitation. You will be ready to learn and accept what he is. Learn the pros and cons of each other. And ready to change at the same time

6. Love takes time

Sometimes love doesn’t come immediately like a passion. Love at first sight may exist. But that may be love that we fall in love with him, just the appearance, it may really take time to learn the habits and thoughts of each other. Because love sometimes arises from learning about one another. Have spent time together And learned the identity of each other, sure enough If we feel like to know Want to learn the identity of the people Then more and what it is. That is love.

7.There are no words for me or you, but ‘we’.

If it is a delusion You might just think that she must be like this, do this, I will do this. She shouldn’t have done this. But when it was love In your head there is only the word ‘We’. Where are we going? What are we going to do? Because love is to share our feelings with one another. We will feel the urge to be involved in everything. His actions And if any plans In the future you have him in it. It is love for sure anyway.

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