4. Desperate, do not do it. After breaking up with my boyfriend

After the relationship between us and our lover is over. Of course, anyone would have normal regrets. Will weep and weep together Or you can go to discuss problems with your best friend. This way anyone It is done when there is a problem. But there are some people who do it in a rather risky way. Either to want to bring your girlfriend back to love or to get attention from people who used to care about each other. In addition to this method, it will not bring your ex back. Some people still flee because they thought we were crazy.

Today we have a reminder for people who recently broke up from their ex that these 4 ways do not always do. Because it is considered desperate and does not make us look better in the eyes of other people.

1. Irony of life

Drink until you get drunk Irony of life by telling your ex that you are going to hurt yourself, or keep yourself locked in a room and not meet people. We understand that the breakup is painful. And everyone wants to have time or a way to heal their minds to be back to good as before. But the irony of life is not good for myself. You want to be alone, but not too much that the people around you are worried. You can drink, but don’t let yourself get drunk until you lose your mind. As for self-harm, this is absolutely forbidden. Because if anything goes The person who regrets the most will not be an ex. But will be our parents and our family members.

2.Send a threatening message

Having been together for a long time, it is natural to know each other more than anyone else. After breaking up, various matters Anyone who knows about him should let go. His secret should not be kept in order to intimidate one another. Normal people do not do it like this. Because it is not good if the ex-girlfriend is unbearable and brings up the story We may be charged or have a warrant at the house. Sue So, keep your senses and think before you do this.

3. Harassing new fans

Although his new girlfriend will come from a third hand, destroying our love for both of us. Even if you are angry and hate that person. But you should not bully Harassing or detecting their relationship with both of them To invade his relationship with his new girlfriend in addition to looking bad in the eyes of other people. Your own mind will not improve either. Put your head up and get yourself out of a bad relationship. That’s better. Don’t mess with people who like to steal other people’s things. We are a lot more expensive than people like that.

4. Do not rush to have new love to forget the old one.

To hurry to find someone new, Madam Jai, to forget the old love doesn’t do anything better. Because your ex does not feel anything about you. But the person in pain is your new boyfriend. Because no matter how good your new person is, but you still can’t forget the old one, don’t let a good person suffer because of us. Fight it takes time to heal your mind well and be ready to have a new, bright love.

Everyone, when the heart is broken up, breaks up with a girlfriend, it will usually be sad. But giving yourself a lot of time It will help us through this feeling of sorrow and regret. You can secretly look at your ex on social media when you think about it. But also have to remind yourself If going in and seeing something that we don’t want to see Found something that we don’t want to meet Do not be angry, hate him and act like the above method. Because it doesn’t help anything and it doesn’t improve our minds either. Fight, take the time to do what you want to do. Or come back to give more time with your parents and close friends

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