5 reasons why you should be single until you’re 30 !!

For girls who have reached number 2 or have already entered number 3, but still don’t have a girlfriend. You don’t have to worry that you won’t get married like everyone else. Or embarrassed by other people who still don’t have a girlfriend Because at least in singleness There is a good reason. Hidden as well Maybe if you know the advantages of being single that we bring today. You may not want a boyfriend at all!

1. Life is calm, not busy

This is a good reason. One that the girls Should be single until the age of 30, of course, the relationship of many fans. The couple didn’t always have a problem. But there are always bad things. Or something chaotic happened More or less. Whether it is money Family matters on both sides Or even living together When something chaotic came You will worry about those things until you do not have time for yourself anyway. But if you are single until 30, or you and your boyfriend are married after 30, you will have experience solving problems and your life will be happier.

2. Ultimate freedom

What you will get if you do not have a girlfriend until you turn 30 is freedom. If you are single, you can decide for yourself. You don’t have to worry about whether your girlfriend likes or dislikes. Where are you going to travel? Or traveling until late at night I don’t have a girlfriend to call and do anything, so use your freedom.

3. Do not be responsible (The story of a girlfriend) a lot

Another good reason to be single until 30 is comfort. You don’t have to be responsible for a lot of things like cleaning the house, cooking, or doing other errands, so your partner doesn’t have to worry about other responsibilities. In making their marriage happy However We have to learn to be responsible and to rely on ourselves. Even without a girlfriend

4.More personal space

I believe that many girls who are alone will feel a little lonely. When coming home and not seeing anyone But do you know what? That still gave us our bed. With our refrigerator And there is a TV that belongs to us Someone who can pick up whatever is yours in the house. It is you alone! I can tell that many girls want to have their own space like this. And use whatever is of your own as your heart desires

5. Know yourself better

Have you ever heard? As they say You will not be able to love anyone. If you don’t know how to love yourself before the ages between 20-30, this is the best time. That you will learn yourself If you already have a family The time when you will grow and learn yourself will disappear anyway. Because you probably don’t have time to do anything else. Besides taking care of her husband and children!

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