Depression after marriage, the psychological problems that newly married couples should know about

Sweet wedding at the bride The groom puts his whole body and energy to the fullest. Most flawless But after many wedding fairs The couple was depressed and sad. Which symptoms So what are these? Hello, doctors say that many couples after marriage may experience a condition known as post-marriage depression.The symptom may be similar to postpartum depression, and many people may not even expect it to develop.

What is depression after marriage?

Post-Wedding Blues is a type of depression that often occurs after marriage. Those who are prone to feelings of depression and sadness. Feel that life has come the same Until I don’t know how to deal with what happened next In most cases, this condition often occurs in couples. Who devote their energy and heart to fully planning their own wedding arrangements It can be said that it is very heavy when the moment of happiness. On the wedding night passed May cause many A couple feels empty Don’t know what to do next Combined with changes in life, including new environments, new families, some people may not be able to cope. With that change Until causing stress on what happened And especially the bride who, once married Give up work life Coming out to be a full-time housewife may add to their stress.

How to deal with depression after marriage

Accept the truth

Living with reality Looking for the real cause So what triggers the symptoms? Finding the root cause If you know yourself well enough What you are feeling and want right now It will be easy to help pass the time like this. It may begin by talking to your partner. Synchronize thoughts In addition, try setting up a new destination. And find something fun to do, such as rearranging a room Go out together after the wedding

Make every day meaningful

Adding color to your marriage by making every day a special and meaningful day, for example, hosting a special dinner. It doesn’t have to be a high-end restaurant, a dish that is just as pleasing to you and your partner. But may add candles and flowers to the dining table for a romantic atmosphere. And feel more special Or will arrange a trip to visit nearby But is a place that is liked by both Just as this adds extra to the ordinary day. Can become a better day

Talk to your partner about your symptoms.

With depression after marriage, many people worry about having to share these feelings with their partner. For fear that they would be worried, but actually talking about it Make your partner feel like Understand you better And there may be a good way That you might not have imagined To help cope with the symptoms that occur as well

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