5 jealous behaviors you should never do If you do not want to love to break too quickly

One of the biggest problems that often keep in love with is that jealousy is one of the top problems. Always make love fall as quickly as possible. If you do not want your love and good relationships to end without looking at each other. Here are 5 jealous behaviors that can cause love to fall faster.

1. Follow the check until it is not private

If you have a habit to check everything. Whether it is a mobile phone, Personal Social, calls by check from close people. Or check to the step to install the GPS to your phone or various things. Believe that your love will not survive! Because the inspection turned out to not give a personal space to the lover This will only make the other person uncomfortable and may not be able to easily endure and stop.

2. Not move on from the past

A life that has never been moved from the past Still bringing old stories, whether it’s the ex-boyfriend of a lover to repeat or bring your own ex to compare. Including old things that your partner may have done wrong, it is often digged up. I can believe that your love will not last long.

3. Always find trouble for your lover

When you refuse to move on from the past This means that you are willing to be hostile to those around your boyfriend. In order to make your lover stay with you forever, or may be hostile to your partner’s ex. Even though the other party may hardly know or have never been involved. In addition, it also calls to bully the friends of the lover as well. Which if you continue to have this habit, it will definitely cause problems for your girlfriend

4. Excellent Intimidation

Some people see that their loved ones will endure their own jealousy. It will begin to change from jealousy to intimidation. Whether it is intimidating to keep your lover to stay with yourself, threatening to stop dating friends, threatening to stop meeting other people, as well as threatening to kill yourself or hurt yourself. If the lover does not indulge Which believed that no one could endure this habit for a long time

5. Skeptical

One of the symptoms that manifest when you are jealous is suspiciousness. So you begin to have questions with your lover. From general questions to questions that may go deeper and deeper to make the other person feel uncomfortable. I don’t feel like answering any more questions. And when unable to answer And also being hijacked to answer many questions, there will definitely be an argument

If you’ve examined these 5 jealous behaviors that shouldn’t be done, they have all of them. Suggest to change yourself immediately. Know your own thoughts! Otherwise, your love is definitely broken and will probably collapse until you almost never come back to it as well.

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