How to watch a man flirt: 10 warning signs before falling into a trap

One of the types of men that women are afraid of. And do not want to meet most see to be a man who is flirting With dazzling lace I like to flirt all over. In addition to making us fall into a simple trap, he may also do this with other women, so if you don’t want to be a deer who gets lured into a tiger cave, girls will have to learn how to look at a man who flirts with a jar. Com to leave each other know! Guarantee that you will never do a flirtatious adoration for sure!

1. Sly eyes are not still.

While you are with him His eyes were often unstable. Sometimes, seeing a beautiful and shapely woman walking by, they look after him until their neck is almost broken. Or when to eat Hang out He was always giving a crafty gaze to the girls at other tables. Even if you were with him like this, if you were out of your eyes, he would definitely go straight to ask for those girls’ numbers!

2. Squid hand

Another behavior of the man who flirting is The habit of restless hands When we talk to us, we like to touch us often, or sometimes when we accidentally put our hands on our cheeks, legs, and gently shaking our hands. Any

3. After all, I lost contact.

If the boys you are talking to are difficult to keep in touch, or sometimes keep silent for days, call. And they won’t answer. Tell me, this is not normal! Because now we live in an age where social media is considered a part of our daily life. So it was very unlikely that he would never pick up his phone all day. Unless he is with another woman

4. Take care and feel good

The advantages of flirting men are They take care and pamper the girls very well! It can be said that mosquitoes do not allow it to climb and do not swarm at all. It’s no wonder so many women fall in love with them. Without knowing that this was a plan to lure the deer into the tiger’s cave

5. Energetic and fast

These men, if he has already liked any woman. I can tell you that you are going with all your strength With a clear announcement that he is flirting with you By expressing it through actions and words, or some flirtatious men still talk less than a month, they say they love you almost every day. More than people who are fans again

6. Lots of tricks and good lies

The charisma of a flirtatious man is They can tell a lie to make others believe. Or it is also known that glib. They are considered motivators. Because no matter what it says, it looks believable. Which some stories may not even be true But you trust his words without any doubt.

7. Unclear

There are two types of flirting men: too obvious and unclear at all. In case he is unclear For example When you ask about your relationship with him He cannot answer you. Or avoid answering this question at all That indicates that he may already have the real one. But can flirt with you for fun

8. Never share your relationship with him or her to others.

Besides he is not clear. Also do not disclose your relationship to others, such as not posting a couple pictures, not checking in the place that goes with you, when in front of other people, they act like you are just a sister or a friend, etc. If People with whom you are talking or dating have these behaviors. Maybe you could be one of the ladies in his stock, who knows.

9. Dropping sweet words all the time.

Another one of the flirtatious men is They will drop sweet words for the girls to do so at any time. When he realized it again, he fell in love with him. Please be warned that those words are like poisoned apples. That looks sweet and juicy But inside is hidden with dangerous poison, so don’t fall in love with anyone just because he speaks sweetly at you, but also take a look at his actions.

10. A lot of secrets

He was jealous of the phone. To take it with you everywhere Even when going to the bathroom That may be because the phone is his secret treasury. And worried that you will secretly check his phone when he is away Or when it’s with you and someone calls. Come on, he always walked out and talked elsewhere. Which if you think in a positive light, it may be a rather serious matter But on the other hand, he might secretly talk to other girls.

Flirtatious men

When you know how to observe a man who is flirting like this, girls do not fall into a trap or be fooled by him. Because if he appears to be a flirtatious person or not sincere with you, then Stay away quickly Because that may make you have to sit and fall in tears later on.

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