Single women in their 30s are not uncommon because everyone is the same all over the world.

Single women are comfortable, scholars point out women in their 30s are uncommon. Because research has come out that are all over the world, because many young people tend to focus on being successful in both education. And work before creating a family

If possible, no one would want to be single, right? But what can I do? When the right person does not love As for the people who entered, it was not for us. Choose to come and choose until the age of 30, and still have no life partner Some people even gave up their hearts to prepare themselves. But do you know? That number 3 single women around the world are also experiencing problems. Yes, where only you are alone.

From the survey results, it was found that Indonesia It is the country with only 2% of single women in their 40s, for this reason, researcher Nancy Smith-Hefner, associate professor of anthropology at Boston University. So he asked for opinions from university students in Yogyakarta. And received an answer that They want to complete their studies and succeed in their careers before they even think about marriage. These ideas are not just for young Indonesian adolescents. It also spans from Paris, Rwanda to Japan. These conditions are called “Waithood” or the waiting phenomenon. This means waiting for yourself to be successful and ready before you start thinking about building a family. Because they believe that love always comes with stress, disappointment, and worries. These are the obstacles that prevent him from reaching his goals.

By article by Diane Singerman, Academician of Political Science at American University Washington DC Revealed the results of a survey of teenagers in the Middle East found that Marriage is too high for a self-made youth In addition, having children before marriage, society does not accept much. This is more of a reason for them to decide to delay their marriage and stay single.

Another reason for the phenomenon of waiting is that women are more depressed than men. Because men can marry and have children at an older age without any problems. But on the other hand, when women get older, it will be more difficult to have children as well. It also has accepted norms. It is common for women to marry men who are more educated and more successful than themselves. To be a pillar to provide support for the family without fail Which is an old-fashioned concept that is not correct

In addition, another survey found that 15 percent of US adults are increasingly using dating applications. Which is considered as an alternative solution to the problem But scholars say a good solution. And the most lasting is to change the idea that men only have to be the leaders of the family. Because nowadays, not only women and men are equal. But there are still many great women who are ready to be the head of the family. And of course, they don’t have to wait to choose a more successful man as their partner.

Got to know this Believe that many single women should start to feel a little more comfortable. Because apart from being single, it is not as scary as you think There are still friends on beam all over the world! More importantly, wait for it to be ready and build a family. It may be better than dating, giving up and having to sit and suffer later.

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