Phone addiction doesn’t care, we can fix it with these 8 cool ways …

The phones we use today. You can call it all functions. Want to contact about work, can do it immediately Want to say hello to friends or meet new people? Just look down and press search on the screen. But if looking only at the screen causes trouble for those around you Or the relationship of love has started to shake, how can there be solutions? My husband is addicted to the phone, girls like we can handle this?

In order to help the ladies to tighten their love with their boyfriend again. The has 8 ways to manage a fan attached to a phone to leave each other. Which each trick is cool and can be done This event can forget the problem of love is broken because the phone can go straight.

1. Ask him to tell him the reason every time he keeps his head on the phone

Each time you play on the phone, let your girlfriend tell us exactly what they are doing, such as dealing with work, chatting with friends. Or greetings by parents In order to cut the suspicion, wondering who he is talking to anyway. Because if sitting quietly and not talking for several minutes may worsen the relationship. Should be asked and answered directly every time is better.

2. Refrain from playing on the phone when you’re together.

Make a deal clearly when not to play on the phone. Will be eating time During the shopping mall Or even when two people together make this rule clear and serious Just as the two of you will have more time for each other already.

3. Give the freedom to use the phone.

After making an agreement not to play on the phone together Should have an agreement to be able to play on the phone at any time as well The more important a couple who live in the same house, the more important this rule should be and should not be overlooked. As if giving him freedom Not too serious.

4. Play on the phone with him, chatting with him.

I have to admit that sometimes being together doesn’t have a lot of talking points. If you are forbidden to play with your mobile phone at all, you may be able to sit quietly together. Therefore, he should give him some relief to play on the phone. But there has to be an ongoing debate. Do not be silent all the time. For example, meeting travel topics, invite your girlfriend to talk about it Or when encountering an interesting story, look up and talk Just like this, mobile phone addiction is not always a bad thing.

5. Turn off the notifications of the things that are not important on your phone.

Turning on the notification in the app may draw our fans’ attention for a while. But if you try to turn off the notifications Do not allow messages to appear on the screen. The phone does not vibrate when a number is not important to call. That will help you manage a lot of unnecessary time spent on your mobile phone.

6. Invite you to play games and refrain from playing on your phone.

Just refraining from playing on the phone may seem normal, and the boyfriend will not admit this rule If so, then switch to playing a game. For example, if he was already eating, he accidentally played on his mobile phone. Then let him feed that meal Or do something else to show responsibility instead Which in addition to gradually changing his behavior You, too, will benefit from this game. But do not accidentally go and do it yourself Because it may be you who have to feed him instead

7. Make it look like an example.

When we still cannot resist playing on the phone Saying no to your boyfriend would be a little difficult. The best way should start with yourself first. Try to pick up the phone as little as possible. Ask each other’s stories more. Guarantee that your girlfriend will have to look up to talk to us all day for sure.

8. Try to find fun things to do together.

Sometimes our young fans keep their heads down and play on the phone all day. Especially during staying with us That could be because he is bored or we are inviting to do the same thing over and over, so you should find something new to do with your boyfriend. It is better to strengthen the relationship and keep him away from the phone.

Here are all the ways to deal with your phone addiction that you ignore us next to you. If you and your partner are there, try these methods. I assure you that he will definitely pay more attention to you.

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