Why do couples like to “break up” during Valentine?

Than in tandem with December Which is the season that delivers happiness to each other at the end of the year ever

It also found that the status or status on Facebook than “heartbroken” will be more special during the season of love. Both the week before and after the end of Valentine’s Day

Even though there are many days to choose from But why do people who decide to break up, have to choose this time to hurt the other person? And this is the reason that will make us clearer why

Pressure from their own expectations

When the Valentine season comes People with loved ones expect from their loved ones to give them a very special and love-worthy gift. Which many people expect to get what they want Or at least the other party has to show that the lover cares more than any other day.

When I expected a lot, but did not go the way I dreamed Because the other person does not give as much importance on Valentine’s Day as their own. Or maybe forget that today is the day of love. Therefore caused a sense of displeasure that people love do not appreciate It may cause an impulsive mood that you decide to stop.

Can’t help comparing other pairs in the online world.

When social media is a place where people can share their happiness with the world Those couples who like to sweeten the media I tend to post their own activities with loved ones to make friends in the online world get to know. Whether to go to eat together Travel together Or received a gift on a special occasion from a lover

Seeing other couples show their sweetness to each other While your partner does not have those moments Therefore cannot help making a comparison A study by psychologists published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior found that couples who compared their own lives and relationships with their online peers. Often have a depressed mood Not satisfied with your partner And want the lover to do it like any other couple when there is an expectation that the other party cannot do Causing a feeling of pressure and resentment In the end, leading to a breakup in the end

Relationships are already at a critical level.

The fact that the relationship of two people is already at a critical level Therefore has the right to be even more fragile Which Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity for both parties to reconcile or adjust their understanding But if that day there were no gifts, no words or gestures to express love. Mutual care That day may become “The last straw” that made love broken down

According to the study of Dr. John Gottman, psychologist and researcher on newlyweds’ relationship Found that the lover does not respond to what the other person thinks or wants. Both physically and emotionally It is possible to cause a strained relationship. And if left aside for a long time, it will become a clue in the mind that can lead to violent arguments and dramas.

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