Solve questions about why life only finds love in the same old form.

Have you ever been in love, how many times and how many times it will always end in the same way until I have a question in my mind. “Have I met someone like this again?” And when starting a new relationship It was determined that it would be better than before. But in the end it still ends the same Just change the character only And if you are having these questions in mind We will answer the questions. Why our life has only been with the same old forms of love

1. What kind of focus can be like that?

The author had the opportunity to talk to a senior, she said that before, she had only been flirting with all his life. The beginning came from the youth. She always likes bad boys. Because she thought it was challenging But then she realized that Bad boy always upset her. And think that the next person will never be the same But it is strange. She continues to meet men flirting all along.

She tried to figure out the final answer, and she discovered that it was because she focused on what she said to herself so often. “Don’t take it anymore. Man flirting.”

It is negative speech We focus more on negative things, but if we change our speech to I will be looking for a man who is honest. Same meaning, but just changing the sentence, and when you say it often, our focus will change. Which the senior of the author changed his speech, changed focus after a long time She has met a man who is very loyal to her and is enjoying love to this day.

2. Can’t be alone Can’t fill me with love

Reading up to this point, you might think You love yourself Otherwise, you wouldn’t take care of your skin. Your own body to look good. Yes, you love yourself to some degree. But it’s not full enough You’re always hungry and need someone by your side. The author has a close friend. She has never been in a single state for more than a week. Why can I have a girlfriend so quickly? Doesn’t want to try being single, or she says she can’t be alone for a long time, she’s used to having someone as her boyfriend. Going around with a wide variety of calls, but she confessed to the writer that despite having a girlfriend, she was never happy. And will not be dating for a long time, it will end as usual every time When it’s over, she’ll find a new one. This kind of cycle continues without end. You can only hope that someday you will find someone who was truly born for you. The author does not know what it is. Can only care, stay away and worry only

3. Deceive yourself that yes. But the truth is not as it seems.

This group of girls is self-thinking. Emotional, energetic, high mindset They don’t have a fixed spec. But when they start to bond with someone Then those men are good to you. She will assume that She found the right person And when a good feeling is definitely forming She will always confess her feelings to the young men first. And most often they end up being rejected over and over again. But asked if discouraged It’s only for a period of time When they meet a man to do well and think that he is the right person. Everything will return to loop as usual. All of these women The reason is similar to the second group, they just want someone to rely on. I still love myself not enough, only.

3 tips for getting rid of the problem of encountering old love

1. Dare to face And accept the truth

One senior said to the author: If you are tired and do not want to loop with the same relationship. The first thing we should do is Courage to face it and admit that there is something wrong. More importantly, come back and see that What’s in us That makes it attractive to traditional relationships, for example, we are lonely. When someone comes in We always leave our hopes. Loves others more than myself. Ask yourself well, do you want to fast forward your life to another person? Or we have little respect for ourselves Makes us give everything to maintain a relationship, no matter how bad it is. When we see the problem Let us admit it If we accept what we are Admit that the problem may be caused by us. We are the ones who attract them. When we raise people to accept We will see an exit. And know what we can develop and change

2. Be confident in yourself Bring out the talent and use it to its full potential.

When we know that What can we change? Develop yourself, do it, do it, and do it without expecting the outcome. Just know that today will keep getting better. Personal development, regardless of personal habits Or professional Various hobbies will make us love And have more self-respect The more we bring out the talent to use it to its full potential We will feel confident Be happy by yourself, and finally, a happy aura will emit a cool flow that anyone wants to get close to you without having to change yourself. Or allow someone to make you miserable

3. Respect yourself. And will find the right person

This is another important point. Because after talking with the people around the author who met with great love. What everyone has in common is Self respect Because of self respect It will be a shield to prevent us from snatching anyone in when our hearts are sensitive. And when everything is in place The world will send us worthy people. And even if the person who entered is still not We will always be confident That there will be people waiting for us And who has met us That person is definitely lucky.

Where did the incident happen? Fixed there, so after reading this article If anyone is facing the problem of love in the same form, try to apply it together. Good luck with all your love.

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