Signs that you are too addicted to your partner, quit before it becomes your death.

Known that people love each other would want to be together all the time. But if you are another person who has a heavy fan. No matter where the boyfriend goes Do whatever you want to follow all the time. This means that you are intrusing with your boyfriend’s privacy. And to allow you to spend time with your boyfriend without interfering with his privacy. Today we have a signal for you to check your list that you are following him too much or not, if yes .. then hurry out a little so that both you and him have a little freedom to each other. Yes

1. Must be with your lover all the time

If anyone is like this I’d rather give up this habit. Because being a lover does not mean that you and he will have to be together all the time. Sometimes people have to have some space with each other. Due to following the lover all the time It might make him uncomfortable. Not be yourself The bully wants to get away from you. Many young women like to follow their lovers everywhere. Whether it is a lover to compete with friends Or that he made an appointment with a group of friends These are his and his friends’ personal activities. You should not join the band, so if anyone is doing this habit Think again would be better In addition to being the one who invites you to as well This one is not exactly the same.

2. You can cancel every appointment for him.

Often times he had an appointment without a clarinet or a flute. Or have an appointment with you suddenly You are ready to give up every mission just to meet him. Which acts like this are not a good thing If you have to agree to all conditions just to meet him. If this is often the case He will see you as the dying thing to come across at any time. An appointment can be canceled at any time. Because he knows that you are always ready to give him every moment of your life.

3.Every plan in your life has him as a variable.

No matter what you do You always stick to him. Both the food that he likes to eat The shop he likes to go to If he doesn’t like you then he won’t choose that. As a matter of fact This is not the case when you allow him to have such a psychological influence. Is it time for you to become yourself and choose to indulge yourself?

4. You have to answer calls from him all the time.

One thing that young women are addicted to is Trying to answer calls from your lover all the time No matter when he calls And no matter what you are doing Often he calls when you shower, do the laundry, do the housework, but you choose to put your hands on them to pick up his phone.

Consider whether or not you are happy with what you are doing today. If you don’t feel like yourself, then it’s time to change yourself for freedom and so that you can be happy without having to hold onto your life so much that you forget who you are. you

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