10 darn man behavior !! And make you look very attractive

It is not just our women who are not happy with some men’s personality or style. Because they have some things they don’t appreciate when they see women doing the same, especially the following 10 things that make men Feeling darn and feeling that the woman is not attractive. Any other girl who is having these 10 behaviors is You have to stop.

1. Yellow teeth and bad breath

This matter, regardless of gender, would definitely not be grateful. The cause is caused by a variety of factors. Whether it’s smoking, drinking tea, coffee, wine, or brushing your teeth incorrectly. If you have this problem, you should see your dentist immediately. And always use a whitening type of toothpaste, including flossing

2. Waving a thick foundation

Although the foundation can help hide the flaws on the face well. But it’s definitely not good if waving too thick that you can smile and see cracks in a map, so girls should apply foundation, but it is better to look natural.

3. Too much makeup

If not a professional makeup artist or having to go to a fancy party Should avoid fanfare, eyeshadow, shimmer mixed with glitter, fill the eye socket like this Choose the type of meat, Matt looks much better in the eyes of men. Plus there is no glitter falling into the groove to lose selfies

4. Speak before you think.

Actually, this should be a habit to be careful with both young and old, because of the habit of talking before you think. Mouth faster than the brain can sometimes cause problems with speech. And those who are close to this group tend to lose their feelings every time. Nobody wants to be around People who speak not very much think about it.

5. The Big Drinker

When going to dinner with someone special Of course, there may be some drunk drinks. But it was only a ceremony, young ladies Because it’s definitely not going to be good If we are drinking in liters Drink like you’ve never drunk before. And finally drunk and unconscious until the need for young men Take us home No good man Where would you like to have a drunken woman?

Pensive woman sitting in a cafe with her boyfriend and thinking while he is reading newspapers.

6. Shaggy

Do you believe that this is more important than makeup? If the shin is abundant or underarm hair Makeup won’t help at all as boys like their skin to be beautiful, smooth and clean.

7. Not taking care of your hair

A messy shape or a bulge. It may look trendy on women, or it may be born. At a carnival or a photo shoot But for men the most natural look Is a hairstyle that shows the softness and beauty of the hair, especially if the girls have healthy hair that should catch on the better

8. Dry skin

Between handling and roughing your hands and peeling skin. With the grip and then slippery hands because the skin is soft There is no doubt that men will like the latter. Therefore, do not forget to moisturize your skin regularly, especially after bathing. And take care of the points that need to rub frequently, such as hands, elbows and feet

9.Put too much perfume

Wearing perfume can really bring out your personality. But the fanfare sprayed until the fragrance was 100 meters far from it seems a little too revealing. The better way is to add a little scent. When he is curious and wants to get to know you better, it will be better.

10. Make up in public

Believe that youngsters I do not want to know how we have a beautiful dress process. Because they like to imagine that we are more naturally beautiful. It looks a lot more dreamy than when I saw a woman turning her eyes with a lot of mascara. Therefore, it is best to keep the steps for adding beautiful to do at home.

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