6 dangerous signs that your partner is having a secret!

People dating, of course, no one wants to have a secret to each other. But when one of them has a secret Inevitably cause Mistrust follows, but how do you know that he has a secret to us? We have a few simple observation tricks for women to try to observe each other. He is having a secret with us. Or there is definitely something to hide!

1. Better behavior .. pampered abnormally

Suddenly came to speak sweetly There was a surprise in spite of That is not a special day Normally, he never gives, but suddenly turns to pamper like this. If not doing anything wrong There must be a secret, of course!

2. Run away without making eye contact

Time to ask, tickle the point And not acting right Ask anything. Lukka looks. I don’t dare to meet my eyes like this. Something is hiding. Plus some people if they have a trembling mouth Twitchy with the eyes, I wonder if there must be something that we do not yet know!

3. Make anger and cover up

This is believed that many People must have met. In this way, I can tell you that we are at a disadvantage without knowing it! While you are interrogating Catch up to catch up with you guys. For a moment, this story has been covered by some of your disadvantages that you yourself cannot argue. Just like that!

4. Confess the truth (part)

In a stressful situation Some people with high survival skills Then realize that we have to confess Before being questioned more and more, that was the story, it was like that, but there was a word, but… followed. Don’t be completely convinced, they call it Ching. Tell the truth before you reach the corner!

5. Hold your phone. Take it with you everywhere.

Even though we are not a lot of mobile phone checks But when he has a secret He will not trust us it. From people who are not addicted to the phone Must take it with you everywhere Why is it If not because there is a secret!

6. Going home at the wrong time often.

From being back home at the same time Became back at night, went back to being very unusual from the beginning There must be something! So we wait. That way, it claims to feed some customers. Stick to some meetings Always refer to work Can it be like this? Go somewhere and tell the truth !!

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