Research shows that most people are unaware of choosing a new girlfriend who has a personality similar to their ex.

When our girl friend has a new love Have you ever noticed that your new man will look or behave like your former girlfriend? And then come to think of ourselves, some are not too different, many people like to say New fans are like old fans, although we try to avoid talking to the same people. Because they are afraid that they will end up not as beautiful as in the past

If girls have experienced stories like this before, don’t be surprised. As research has revealed that People tend to fall in love with the same personality over and over again without realizing it. How can it be like this? Follow along to read the research results that the dot com jar can bring together.

According to research by Geoff MacDonald and his team that surveyed 332 individuals using questionnaires and tracking their love life over 9 years, most of them would choose to be with someone with certain personality or traits Similar to the old boyfriend without knowing, for example, if the ex was an engineer New fans have engineering-related lines, ex-girlfriend and new girlfriends are also flirtatious. Or a person with a similar quiet personality, possibly because of their job duties, only having to meet that personality type Or is it because of similar lifestyles, but with the same people over and over again?

This survey and conclusions match research from Wellesley College and the University of Kansas surveyed 1,523 couples, close friends, how much they are in common, no matter how common they are. About food Travel and Attitudes As a result, more than 86 percent of them share many similar lifestyles. Thus allowing them to become intimate for a long time There are also surveys of new acquaintances while attending college. Along with following up on the results, it was found that only 23 percent of the respondents remained close friends. And looking back at the responses that this 23 percent of the group had previously answered. Therefore knowing that they have similar interests, contact and greet each other to this day

By the similarity to the point of attracting us to associate with people with the same habits over and over, can be divided into 5 major things as follows.

1. have similar habits or interests

That people will be attracted and turned into a serious relationship. At least they have to have similar personality traits and preferences, for example, different people like to eat Japanese food, love to watch romantic movies. They have the same sense of humor and concept. These are the things that will hold the relationship and make the relationship last longer.

2. Attract people who look like you or your family.

In a 2010 study published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, an experiment was performed using a picture of a stranger and dressed up as the parent of the subject. Another photo will use the face of the test person to trim it. The last picture is With the original photo without any decorations, choose which one is more attractive.As a result, they will choose a picture with their own face and their parents’ faces as people who are more attractive than leaves. last That is like this Because parents are people we have seen and trusted since birth. When there is someone who looks like them, it can attract us to love. While we love ourselves too Therefore chose a figure with a face that resembles himself as a charming person

3. Same level education

In addition to the appearance is an important part of attracting people to love each other. Education at one level or similar can also play a role in making people love each other. That is like this Because education will shape two people with similar attitudes. Have a career in the same line Makes it easier to get close to each other and talk to each other.

4. Immerse yourself in the habits of some people.

This habit Must be buried deep in our hearts for many years There are advantages or disadvantages, for example, parents take good care of us and indulge. So we seduce people who are kind, their parents are very angry. We will impress with the angry. Including the freaky flirting of the ex Can be considered a seduction as well Whenever you meet those personality traits Impressions and ties that are inseparable Will attract him to associate with him in a way that we did not even know

5. Live in society and associate with the same people.

People who like to travel will meet with people who like to travel as well. People who enjoy sports tend to associate with people who play sports together. Even when breaking up with the same boyfriend Finally, society and activities that we enjoy doing will lead us to meet people like our ex.

However, even if we only attract the same people, it does not mean that this love has to end the same old time. You just have to use your past mistakes as a lesson. Along with correcting those errors as well Then this new love chapter definitely has a different ending.

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