Marry yourself The trend hits modern people do not have to pay attention to find a partner.

Nowadays Sexual orientation is not just about masculine and feminine. Because our world has accepted more diversity than ever having 2 sexes has added more than 18 definitions of sex, although many people may be confused about the conclusion that the sex must love which sex. Or who should be in love with whom But there is also another person who has no need to care about what gender he or she should be in love with anyone. Because they love and love themselves from their birth. Many people may be wondering what it is. Are you referring to a narcissist? Today, gearbox dot com will come to solve this problem. In conclusion, they fall in love with themselves until they can marry themselves. What is it exactly?

Marrying myself The English term Sologamy arose from a person who fell in love with himself so much (Autosexuals) to the point of having sexual desire for oneself. Can not love anyone again There may be confusion with the term Autoromantic or so called. “People who like to romanticize themselves” that they are not very passionate about. Just want to create happiness Give yourself a romance all the time only. And still like to have sex with other people And narcissism is also different from narcissism (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) as well. Those with narcissism still love others, but deep in their hearts think they are superior and better than anyone.

Therefore, the person who will marry himself Must love and narcissism a lot, I do not like to have sex with other people. Living with someone else cannot fill your heart. They just want to be alone is enough, like Ghia Vitale, a chubby writer from Long Island, USA. It was the person who announced that she was the Autosexuals. She fell in love with herself at the age of 7, at the time she had no idea what it was. And no one can define this condition. If talking about this matter Others would think that she had a narcissism. (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), of course, after graduating from Ghia Vitale University I learned more. From the innocent girl I didn’t know the definition of my symptoms at that time. Come today, you know that you are a narcissist. And was never shy to tell anyone about this sexual orientation. Along with announcing the news of her engagement in 2017 Until now, my love for myself has never diminished. Any day you see her dress up, Ghia Vitale will help herself to meet that love.

Today it has begun to marry itself all over the world. Both following the flow And did it because they were in love with themselves (Autosexuals) actually by groups that follow the flow. Most often it results from disappointments in the past couple lives. Or have been single for a long time, do not know how to settle down with anyone or marry yourself. However, regardless of our sexual orientation Or how much do you love yourself Just don’t make other people in trouble, it should be enough.

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