9 secret signs that he’s super jealous of you

With the fact that your character, the man that most girls like, must be Man, Handsome, not picky. And being a gentleman when with women So when he feels upset or jealous of you. Therefore, I rarely speak my feelings directly because I may be afraid that I will lose my male form. And become an idiot man It’s annoying in your eyes. But sometimes it is not easy to keep your emotions and feelings in mind. No matter how stubborn a man is, there must be some symptoms.

For girls who are not very good at reading young emotions today, there are 10 signs of jealousy of stubborn men to leave each other. Let’s see if you guys have a bad mouth. Including a lot of form types Form When he secretly likes us Or do you love us so much that you feel jealous and worried? What symptoms will you lose? Then do not wait. Follow us to find the answer together ..

1. Squinting at you more often than usual

It is a basic first-stage jealousy of a stubborn man. Especially when he goes out with you He’s always keeping his eyes fixed on you. Keep an eye on what you are doing, talking to someone, on the phone, chatting with other people or not. Even if the place where you are going is served by a male employee or suddenly stumbles upon a male friend. He will squint more often. To observe how you interact with those men And if, assuming that you were in a good mood at the time, talking, playing and tease, he might have raised his eyesight to a “strong look” and radiated his dissatisfaction.

2. The silence disappeared until not noticeable.

From being someone who has spoken Keep updating your movements with you all the time. Became unusually silent I just asked for anything and only answered “Yeah, hmm”. Called. I didn’t answer. Or do not distant, do not come to you, do not invite you to go out together as before. Called changing to be a different person Until you are completely confused, are you doing something wrong? But if you imagine that these symptoms occur when you have a reason to talk to other men, such as contacting a customer. Or meet old friends from high school It means that he is jealous. And secretly poking you in silence

3. Post broken heart songs on social media.

It is the next popular symptom from number 2, when the stubborn boy has disappeared Try to look into his social media to see if there is anything posted or not. And if that happens, open to find a song with heartbreaking content, love, kud It implies an upset when a girlfriend or someone likes to get involved with other men. Like Silly Fools’ trusted wrong song, you can be sure it is. It is a sign that he is jealous of the style of a stubborn man who does not like to tell the true feelings from his own mouth. But sent through music instead

4. Gushes when you talk to other men.

Even if he was a stubborn man And how many forms When you feel jealous of a woman who secretly likes Or the woman he loves so much However, I definitely cannot keep my feelings. But they can show up as so small that sometimes you don’t even notice, sighing, frowning, or asking to go to the bathroom. Or go away for a while because you don’t want to see you talking to other men. Even if you feel that he is not satisfied with something and ask with suspicion. If the answer is a hit “nothing” whenever you want, you can be sure that it is jealous!

5. Make yourself a nougat

I feel jealous, it is caused by the fact that you do not like you to associate with other men. But to be honest, it lost its form a bit. Sometimes men act as your own followers. No matter where you go out, you will always follow along. Will not let you lose sight for even a second. If you meet other men, they will become intimate with you. A model viewed from a distance of 500 meters, I immediately knew that the woman had the owner. Do not mess with it. Anything like that

6. Make a slick asking about your male friend.

Especially when you come back from meeting with a group of friends. He will immediately ask what it is. Who else is there? Do you have female friends? Or when you see that an unfamiliar guy comments on your social media. He will ask exactly who that man is. How did you know each other How close you are to you Even if he asks you with a smiley face, it looks still like nothing. But believe it, in his hand, he is secretly shedding light on that man’s social media. The more the eyes squint, frowning, or sighs appearing from time to time, and you will definitely be jealous!

7. Make excuses for you not to go out with other people.

When stubborn men know who you have a date with. Whether it’s a male friend in a group Close friend from school Or a friend at work He’s not going to tell you directly, “I’m not allowed to go. So jealous,” because he knows in your heart that you’re not in a relationship with those men. But sometimes, he just can’t help but feel jealous, so use a method to make excuses for you to pour all the shots instead. Since the reasons do not sound like “The weather is hot Going out is black. “Or act silently, say that it will be the one who takes you to the movies, shopping, enticing you to pour the shots of the villagers. Then come to be with him as before

8. Telling you that you are better than other men.

It is believed that many young people are faced with these symptoms. Especially when watching the series and accidentally whistling oppa out Or when you praise other men to him. Which most of the stubborn men do not have a clear faint But often secretly speak up against him, like that What oppas do not see to be handsome at all. Or saying that you yourself are much better than your male friends Even if speaking in a joking tone Or how calm But believe that his heart is certainly restless Because no one likes it when a woman loves talking about other men. To know that it is admiration as an artist or a close friend

9. Appreciate other girls, let us see each other big.

One of the most popular symptoms of stubborn men is irony. Or doing the opposite of how you feel Let’s say he sees you happily with other men. Or see you rejoicing with someone other than him in the face He won’t tell you how jealous he is. But how do you turn to admire other girls for you? Honestly, he doesn’t really like those women at all. But I just want you to feel that When loved ones delight other people, it does not feel good.

Oh! This time, you know, right? That the reason the boy next to your body has a strange personality sometimes That is because he loves you so much that he is jealous of you. However, do not forget to reconcile and clear each other as well Will come back and sweeten as before ^^

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