How does the male dating behavior do not let us become just an option?

Love is a desire that many men and women want to have. It helps us relax our loneliness and know that we should live to take care of someone for a long time. Some couples that we see that love each other well. Always go and get together There is no matter of cheating or flirting that can hurt a marriage. But after investigating We may find that this love of them does not exist. A woman who is revered as a girlfriend Turned out to be just someone later Just waiting for a man to choose who he wants to be with.

So, in order to prevent us from falling into a “choice” position, it’s just one of those relationships that men want to keep. Because he doesn’t know who to choose Then we probably have to explore our own love a little bit. That the men he is dating are just us, right? Are we his only world? But if anyone does not have a boyfriend, do a little study so that you will know how the male dating behavior looks like, if you want to know, then follow the box. Showing that he is definitely in a relationship

1. He has 2 phones.

With today’s phones The battery often runs out very quickly. This makes many people choose to carry two phones in case of emergency so that they can use the other phone immediately. But that is easily the gap of infidelity. Seldom need to be vigilant Another one to talk to the first woman Another device to easily talk to the second woman. Will reply to a message or post an image on Facebook Do not have to be afraid that down or talk to the wrong person Because just changing phones can change people to talk already, so if a boyfriend carries multiple phones You have to do a good survey and inspection.

2. Get away to talk on the phone frequently about business.

Even though some men only work in one occupation But why are his business negotiations so many and often? If it is a business, then the location is not very noisy. Or even in the bedroom But he kept picking up the phone Can’t press answer in front of us Have to press to answer the call elsewhere only In this way, doubt should be made beforehand. Whether he was talking to the real business or not

3. If you call. Go to him in addition to the appointment time We could hardly contact each other.

Many couples often have time to call. Always chatting or sending messages to each other via Line, such as before going to work, at lunch time. Or before bedtime But if you try to call Find him apart from the time he talks. Then he cut us off or shut down the device. Even after work that is probably the most free time First of all, I wonder if he was with another woman at that time.

4. He turned his phone into airplane mode when with us.

Some women may not have the problem of sneaking on the phone or secretly typing someone That is because he has come above and beyond. By turning your phone into airplane mode No need to worry about when there will be a message. Just this, we could not catch him suspicious.

5. You only know one of his friends.

Knowing one friend in here It means we only know a friend who works without any of his school friends. Or perhaps only known to his school friends If they are friends at work, they hardly ever see their face. Even in Facebook there is no picture of that group of friends at all, it is because of a group of friends that we have never met. May never have known before that we are his girlfriend again.

6. He always takes us on a date in a quiet place.

In our hearts, we probably think it’s great! I doubt he would like romance. I want to escape the chaos to be with only 2 of us. But if you try to think of another aspect Perhaps it was because of our fear we ran into someone who knew him. The more likely you are in a small province, the easier it is to meet his friends. So try meeting a guy around his office. Or the place that he likes to go with his friends often, so it seems that he wants to hide us from the woman he already has.

7. Have a clear meeting schedule.

Time to meet with us He always sets the time or date clearly. Never had an appointment with us outside that time For example, if he had an appointment with us only on Monday – Friday, how early in the day or late at night, he was ready to meet. But if you try on a weekend like Saturday and Sunday, he will try to avoid coming across. Find all kinds of reasons to claim That is because he has a very good schedule to meet us and meet another woman.

8. He has 2 Facebook accounts.

Ask the girls to not be complacent. That the Facebook that he has listed as being in a relationship with us, and also full of pictures with each other, is the only account that he has Sometimes he may have one more Facebook that blocks us from seeing. As well as blocking our friends from seeing that account, it’s best to disguise yourself as an online detective someday. Find the name you think is his pseudonym. And follow to see that in that Facebook Is he a girlfriend with another woman?

9. When he got home, he never called. Video form, find us

As lovers, I want to see each other all the time. Or just want to see what he likes to do when he gets back to his room Have you showered yet? What kind of pajamas are you wearing? But some men hide Just claiming to be embarrassed I don’t want to talk face to face Better than typing, talking to each other. If so, be careful. Perhaps there was a beautiful woman lying next to him. So I don’t want to call Video find

10. We hardly know where he is doing right now.

This was a very important secret that he tried to avoid. Where to eat Who are you going to travel with? When will you go home Because the men who are in a relationship, he knows how good our women are. Just tell me where you are We women already know all the information about there. So if we never know where he is To assume that it was because he was with someone else for sure

11. Like to agree to an appointment with us But in the end it was awkward

When there is an appointment, what is agreed in advance for 1-2 weeks, he will always agree to it before we are happy, for example, we will have to go to the ordination of a close friend. He agreed to go together for sure, including booking a car and a hotel. On the day of truth, he returned to reject it like that. That’s because he knows how to please women like us. Say yes, be happy first, then refuse later. Since the first woman had already invited it.

12. He never looks at the future of marriage with us.

It cannot be called never. But he doesn’t know Who should plan the future with The first person to have a relationship is very good. As for the women who are in a relationship, they are so cute. If anyone let go, it would be difficult. Let me overlook the marriage first. Better look at the sweet present If so, we should help him make easier decisions. By walking out of a man’s life like this Then go to the person who sees us in his future, it would be good.

If our man is not a person with a high personal world as the original capital But there are more than 6 of these questions, I can say that he is definitely in the relationship behavior. Should talk to each other honestly Don’t let yourself lose the opportunity. It’s better to just be someone else’s choice.

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