10 advantages of single women That people with partners will never understand

Who says a single girl is a woman who doesn’t care? We would like to argue over here. Because for some people it is determined to be alone, beautiful, beautiful, modern style Plus life is also happy, just like a married person … But if still not convinced, then let’s take a look at 10 advantages of a single woman that a jar of dot com brings together. Then everyone will know Being single is good for him too!

1. More time for yourself.

Being a single woman, it’s nice that we can allocate any time 24 hours. From walking to shopping malls to buy clothes Watch your favorite series 3 days 3 nights or sleep in bed all day the slow life way. No one came to say It is called having the time to spend our life doing what we truly enjoy. No need to share time to appease anyone And do not have to adjust our lifestyles to suit anyone as well

2. Party with friends. Flaunt full of charm

For girls with a drink. Got up and dressed up beautifully and went out to hang out as soon as the gangs invited it But to send a charming eye that someone asks for a line What is it that makes me feel victorious? Most beautiful. And let me tell you that people have a pair Never understand this moment Because human fans will follow the Czech Follow yourself to go home quickly, you may not even allow yourself to go out.

3. You can scream oppas without fear of anyone.

When is a single girl Considering the boyfriend when it comes to shedding men will be gone. You can scream your favorite oppas and cute boys without fear of jealousy. And then invites a quarrel about giggling to give a headache Whoever wants to pay Want to spend money to buy tickets for any concert? Will share pictures on facebook Or can also paste posters around the bedroom for the boys to surround What is real life is real, confirmed

4. You don’t have to remember any important day as hard as your brain.

Tell me, single women are the lucky ones. That does not have to face small problems but undermines mental health such as arguing with a girlfriend because they forgot their anniversary Or each other’s important day Alone, just schedule, class schedule, birthday, friend Family member birthday Is already heavy enough Don’t see, have to sit and remember any more fussy days, right? Dress how you can Do not be afraid of anyone.

5. Date with any number of people.

Single girl with sentence “Beautiful, you can choose” This is the real partner Because at which time the loneliness arises Can invite someone in the warehouse to travel Can go out on a date fully If you are satisfied with this person, go on another trip. But if you are not satisfied, you can pour it out pretty well, say that the relationship with no one is bound to dictate life. Excellent, most perfect

6. I will eat until my body breaks. Or will be fit to be in perfect shape Can do as you want

Of course, single women do not have to hear the word “What should we eat today?” Or “Fat is a pig and will eat again” from which human? Anyone who wants to be in perfect shape does not have to be afraid that there will be someone to take a tour. Making a clean eating plan until you have to count one again Or anyone who wants to crawl and eat to break apart, can do it Because there is no need to be afraid that the body will be broken and discarded like other people. You see, fat, thin as you like.

7. Dress whatever you like. No one criticized

If there is a girlfriend, they will be complained that the outfit is not good. This dress is too porn. Plus being banned from wearing shorts Worse still, some people are also forced to dress in the style that their fans like. But for that single girl Any outfit can be worn depending on the mood. Today I want to dress up. Tomorrow I want to be a cute Korean girl or the day after tomorrow I want to release. Wear warm clothes to chill, no one criticizes anything.

8. Good mental health

Have a girlfriend to passionately, it’s fine. But when fighting, it is more painful! Even if you meet a jackpot as a stupid, jealous, impatient or flirtatious guy, your time will be spent with the crouching, seduction. Worried that there will be gigs Called a drama that brings mental stress all the time Which is so fortunate that a single woman like us does not have to endure this kind of thing, oh well .. our life Stressful about work is enough, right ?!

9. Out of pocket problems.

When you have a girlfriend, you can not escape. Let’s go on a trip, trip, eat where you need to buy surprise gifts on many special days. Until he realized again that his salary was completely gone But only for single girls In addition to taking that part of the budget to save and then You can still use your own pay, without having to divide your happiness with anyone, I will tell you.

10. Live life freely.

Living free Is to plan the future the way you want And depending on the satisfaction of themselves purely that single women have a clear goal of life. And is more meaningful than anyone else Because he focused on what he was determined to do No need to think about it. Or worry about someone else Apart from myself or my family

Anyone who has finished reading and wants to be single immediately, raise your hand, haha. Actually, even if single people are in a lonely mode, maybe they want someone to come to please sometimes But believe that the # single human team has read 10 advantages that we leave today You must be happy and forget that feeling for sure.

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