5 signs that you are ready to get married

Marriage is Symbol of the beginning of a couple life Start a new path Which many women are afraid of life after marriage. But if you choose a perfect lover Can lead to your life Marriage is not as scary as you think. If you hesitate to decide to marry your partner This is a signal that you can make in your decision. Is the true partner who will stay together until the last day of life

1. He makes you feel secure.

How many guys will there be that will make you feel secure with him? People who just when you are with them are ready to face every obstacle in life. You and him can plan your future with carefree and stress-free. If you meet with that person Don’t hesitate any more.

2. No matter how big or small things are He’s the first person you want to know.

No matter what happened to you Both promoted Quarrel with a colleague Even the water in the tap at home does not flow. He’s the first person you want to tell you about. It means that you accept him as a part of your life without any condition and don’t let go of him.

3. You and he trust each other.

You don’t have any paranoia. About him Whether he goes to a party with friends Or having an outing activity in the provinces with work You do not fear that he will secretly do anything out of the way. The only thing you worry about when you are far apart is More than his safety concerns. You trust him that he will never let you down.

4. You and him have a common opinion about the heirs.

In this age, many husbands and wives do not want to have children. With the attitude that this society is not suitable for children And the harsh weather The high cost of living and the quality of life are not as good as they should be. If you are going to marry someone It’s better to ask his opinion on having an heir. So as not to cause problems later

5. You have your own personality.

Being with the person we love The most important thing is You have to ask yourself if you are the best yourself. You don’t worry about being beautiful all the time in front of him. You don’t have to pamper him until you don’t be yourself. And most importantly You can say everything you can think of.

If you check and you find that your lover is “yes”, there is no need to hesitate. It’s not easy to find people who click each other like this. If you find it, do not let go of him.

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